We are maximizing impact of solar thermal technology
by breaking solar thermal’s cost and complexity barriers

To do this, we have built an ecosystem of own brands and partners.

As an Impact Engineering firm we are dedicated to develop whatever is necessary to have a significant impact on climate change and poverty, globally. To this end we have developed our Lytefire solar oven, roasters and Saunas, our GoSol education program to create entrepreneurs and strong partnerships to scale.

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Our Brands

Lytefire is our product to rapidly enable anyone to become a solar entrepreneur.

GoSol is our community and education hub to spread the Lytefire 5 Solar Ovens to high-impact settings.

The Lytefire Sauna demonstrates the power of the sun for carbon free well-being and tourism.

Why Solar Fire

Access to clean energy is a real problem world wide


3 billion people

Need a clean source of heat every day to process food or run their business.
Today they burn charcoal, trash, LPG, biomass or rely on poor electric grids.

11 years

Remaining in order to reduce heavily carbon emissions from growth, according to the IPCC.

3 billion people

Empowered with affordable and powerful clean energy can have a very strong impact on climate change mitigation.

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Latest News & Press Coverage

M6 Info

Tuesday 24 November 2020

"Au plus près de vous..." avec un boulanger

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Le monde

Sunday 22 November 2020

"De la douche mobile au four à pain, l’énergie solaire à concentration se développe"

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Friday 6 November 2020

French engineer turned bread maker presents Europe’s first solar-powered bakery

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France Bleu

Friday 6 November 2020

Les journaux d’infos France Bleu Normandie (Rouen): 5:50 - 7:15 (Audio)

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France Bleu

Thursday 5 November 2020

"Seine-Maritime : à Montville, un boulanger cuit son pain dans un four solaire"

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Schwimmband + Sauna

Tuesday 3 November 2020

"Where a conventional sauna needs firewood or a lot of electricity, a newly developed solar sauna focuses on sustainability: wellness in (...)

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3 normandie

Tuesday 3 November 2020

National French TV France 3, Nov 12, 2020. Introducing Lytefire 11 (00:02:58-00:04:55)

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Friday 23 October 2020

"The sun can do everything - even bake bread"

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Solar Energy Engineering Blog

Thursday 1 October 2020

"Can Solar Thermal Energy be a Game-Changer? — Part 2"

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