Our mission is to solve energy poverty in the Global South with Lytefire Solar Tech
and empower people with trainings to create sustainable jobs.

To do this, we have built an ecosystem of own brands and partners.

We are an impact company with strong family ties. We grow through an ecosystem of partnerships to empower people (users and partners) locally with Lytefire.

Our Brands

Lytefire is our Solar Energy Concentrator powering Solar Ovens, Roasters or Dehydrators with no electricity.

GoSol presents our Educational Work with NGOs to spread the Lytefire Solar Ovens to high-impact settings.

The Lytefire Sauna is very recent and demonstrates the power of the sun for carbon free well-being and tourism activities.

Why we do this?

We grow to empower people and decarbonize economies.

We are on a mission solve energy poverty in the Global South with Lytefire solar tech and empower people with trainings to create sustainable jobs.

The Lytefire solar thermal technology is meant to empower entrepreneurs, create sustainable jobs, support local stability and create more circular and functional service economy while contributing to minimizing the damage of climate change. Our projects are happening mainly in the Global South but since 2021, there is demand in EU and the Lytefire Deluxe is commercialized there to serve entrepreneurs with EU standards.

Lytefire is a brand of Solar Fire Concentration Oy (SFCO), a Finnish social and impact based company. We grow through an ecosystem of partnerships to empower people (users and partners) locally with Lytefire. Our humanitarian projects are run under the GoSol.org banner.

The Lytefire Tech as you see it today is the result of years of development by passionate people on the ground and engineers. The technology has been based on the pioneering solar innovations of Mr Fraser Symington (1920-2014) and abundantly implemented in the field by his grand-son, Lorin.

A tech without a vision isn’t much and the inspirational model of direct solar economy has been ideated by Eerik Wissenz.

Solar Fire Concentration as a social impact company has been founded in Finland by Eva & Eerik Wissenz, quickly joined by Urs Riggenbach, Will Cleaver, Lorin Symington and Arnaud Cretot.



1 Lytefire prevents 5 tons of Co2 emissions/year when used 6h / day, 210 days / year in Kenya. It’s the volume of an olympic swimming pool, or 60m² of rainforest..

3 billion people

Need a clean source of heat every day to process food or run their business. In the Global South, they burn charcoal, trash, LPG, wood or rely on poor electric grids.

Clean Energy

Empowering people with affordable and powerful clean energy can have a very strong impact on climate change mitigation.

Solar bread

In most countries one Lytefire 5 can bake daily 50 to 110kg of bread and 100 buns depending on the season.


Is the temperature reached by a Lytefire 5 solar oven with direct irradiation

10 years

Remaining in order to reduce carbon emissions generated by human activities, according to the 2020’s IPCC report.


Infographic Impact Lytefire

Infographic Impact Lytefire


Solar Innovation from Finland

Lytefire has been selected in 2021 as one of the top solutions for canteens of the Global South by EDUCATION FINLAND, the platform of the Finnish National Agency for Education and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Lytefire has also be selected by FINGO who represents 300 Finnish civil society organizations striving to build a fair world for all.


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Agile, persistent and creative, nothing has stopped us in the last 10 years to get where we are today.

Urs, Eva, Lorin, Will and Arnaud are the core team. They are the original group of co-founders of Solar Fire.

We have created a healthy governance and our working board has regular workshops and meetings. Susanne is bringing her years of expertise in Quality Control in the German industry and Elise is co-manager of the factory producing the Lytefire Deluxe in France.

Urs and Eva are in charge of the execution, sales, partnerships and management while the rest of the field-team is delivering amazing trainings for NGOs.

More and more we are selling our Construction Plans and Lytefire Hardware in addition to our Educational Trainings.

Working Board:

Eva Wissenz

Chair & Founder

Urs Riggenbach


Lorin Symington


Will Cleaver


Susanne Müller


Elise Hauters

Advisor of the Board

Sales & Partnerships:

Urs Riggenbach
Eva Wissenz
Managing Director

Trainers and Bakers:

Arnaud Crétot
Co-Founder, Engineer & Certified Baker
Samuel Rodrigues
Educational Material & Trainer
Joan Arwa Ogwang
Trainer & Certified Baker
Allen Wilson Odongo
Trainer & Certified Baker
Martin Pouabidjie
Trainer & Logistics
Augustine Olowo
Trainer & Logistics


Muriel Fuhrer


Héléna Dairin
Pitamber Véret Chang
Augustin Tagnabou
Prudence Yoo Acel Ladegi
Fortunate Mugume
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