Solar Fire Concentration Ltd

Solar Fire is a cost-effective technology for concentrating sunlight for thermal needs.

Our aim is to break the cost-barriers currently limiting deployment of solar thermal technologies in both industrial and local entrepreneurial applications.

By developing truly cost-effective, scalable and efficient solar thermal technology it’s possible to significantly reduce carbon-emissions, deforestation, water-born diseases and air-pollution.


SFCO designs solar systems and provides thermal and optical engineering to help you streamline your participation in the solar revolution.

Our technology combines several advantages to achieve lower capital costs with drastic reduction of the engineering costs, the use of local material and many integrated applications.

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Impact: SOL5 Unit to Bake, Roast and Dehydrate Food

In partnership with Wärtsilä Corporation, Autodesk Foundation, World Vision Finland and World Vision Kenya, Solar Fire has proven its technology through a piloting program started in Spring 2016 in Kenya and in Spring 2017 in Tanzania.

We have installed a dozen of SOL5 units with local entrepreneurs and the monitoring has shown regular use and a short payback period. One bakery for example, has been able to reduce operating costs and can now produce and sell more baked goods to local schools and students. Another group replaced their use of charcoal with solar energy, and now produces their organic peanut butter at a lower cost and with an improved taste of the product.

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Founding Sponsor

Wärtsilä is committed to support African societies and businesses and is backing the piloting and scale-up of this local solar technology through education in Africa and beyond. Learn more



Product: SOL5 Oven, Roaster, Food Dehydrator

This is the Powerful and Sustainable Money Saver!

The SOL5 captures direct sunlight and turns it into heat for processes up to to 300°C.

The SOL5 has recently completed piloting in Kenya and Tanzania and we’re moving towards making the product available globally.

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