Other things we can do for you


Web and IT integration

Getting data to where it needs to be and understandable to the person who needs to use it is critical in today’s fast-paced world.

We can not only write the thermal algorithms your project needs to plan or operate, but we also collect data from engineers in the field or sensors, set up secure Linux servers for real-time analysis, and transform the data into elegant and clear visuals. Underneath the hood we’ll setup end-to-end encrypted communication channels and multiple redundant ZFS based backups for file security and integrity.


Complex planning

Every plan is a constant battle with entropy. As thermal experts with experience building projects in over 10 countries, we can help with risk analysis and mitigation, setting up the information flows to swiftly identify and solve new problems, cross culture and cross-ocean work-flows, working with different technologies, and ensuring the critical path to success is accurately crafted and competently costed.


Emerging market piloting

Piloting solutions in emerging markets can be a real challenge. We’ve developed methods, networks and experience in piloting our own solutions as well as for clients. Piloting is often the make-or-break phase of technology development, with the largest risk-cost relationship, implementation and IP challenges, while often needing to integrate with the communication, sales and investment teams to carry the momentum of success forward. Small oversights can have big consequences. We can bring our experience to stream-line execution and minimize risks at every stage of piloting, from strategic planning to making the last welds in the field.


Documents for investors and clients

People today have less and less time, and making clear, concise documentation with key visuals is critical for moving projects forward. We can help with your engineering problems as well as the planning, economic and technical documentation you need to either raise investment or close deals with clients.