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GoSol.org is Solar Fire’s impact-oriented initiative to bring affordable solar thermal energy to the 2.7 billion entrepreneurs currently running their businesses on polluting charcoal, firewood and fossil fuels.

The SOL5, our solar concentrator for entrepreneurial food processing, provides solar thermal energy for value adding activities up to 300°C, while the underlying technology is scalable so that higher temperatures and outputs are possible where needed.

Supported by founding sponsor Wärtsilä Corporation and Autodesk Foundation, the SOL5 solar concentrator has been piloted recently in East Africa with real entrepreneurs to bake bread, roast groundnuts, coffee and cacao, boil water, fry food, and dehydrate vegetables, fruit and fish.

The GoSol.org initiative is at the forefront of social entrepreneurship, focusing on high-impact projects that empower entrepreneurs to go solar, create additional income and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while protecting the forests.

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GoSol.org Sponsors

Founding Sponsor

Wärtsilä is committed to support African societies and businesses and is backing the piloting and scale-up of this local solar technology through education in Africa and beyond. Learn more



Spotlight Kenya: Bakeries, Roasteries and Dehydration

In partnership with World Vision Finland and World Vision Kenya, GoSol.org has proven its technology through a piloting programme started in Spring 2016 in Kenya. Through World Vision’s Weconomy programme, GoSol has installed 7 SOL5 units with local entrepreneurs and the monitoring has shown regular use and a short payback period. One bakery for example, has been able to reduce operating costs and can now produce and sell more baked goods to local schools and students. Another group replaced their use of charcoal with solar energy, and now produces their organic peanut butter at a lower cost and with an improved taste of the product.

Launching A Global Wave
of Solar Entrepreneurship

In many places energy poverty and deforestation create a vicious cycle that can only be broken with cost-efficient, local and scalable renewable energy alternatives.

Since the start of GoSol.org initiative in 2015 when we held the Free The Sun campaign we have been continuously building the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, partners and producers that can leverage our technology to have massive impact.

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