Call for Project Managers

We’re growing!! More and more organizations are seeing the benefit/impact of the Lytefire as a turn-key, solar powered income generating activity that reduces deforestation and fights climate change. Soon we won’t be able to keep up with demand, so we need more Solar Project Managers.

The ideal candidate is multilingual (English + French and/or Spanish), a problem solver, a good judge of character, has experience implementing projects and has backpacked and or worked in countries where extreme poverty is prevalent. If they also passion for social or environmental justice, they will fit right in.

A Solar Project Manager is working under our GoSol banner and might be expected to start from scratch in a new country. Let’s say an NGO in Namibia wants three Lytefire5 to enhance livelihood activities in 3 villages they are supporting. Project timeline 3 months. They would be responsible for traveling to Windhoek, sourcing materials, overseeing the fabrication of the concentrators (workshop, local team, quality control), finding local trainers to implement our entrepreneurship training course and finding bakery trainers to teach the project beneficiaries how to bake locally appropriate treats. It’s quite possible that the client will have no real leads / resources to build off.

"The first few weeks are my favourite of any project. You arrive in an unfamiliar city, everything is unknown and full of potential. It’s pure exploration, improvisation and process flow optimization. I normally book accommodations just for a week so that I can assess the city and relocate once I have a better idea of the geography. Where are the good hardware stores? Glass mirror shops? Where can you buy stainless steel and insulation? What about decent workshops? Where are the good restaurants? Where are the NGOs located? Then of course there’s blogging and content creation! If you have a passion for telling stories, so much the better!

Now, one of the most important factors for project success is people skills. Can you assess an ‘entrepreneurship skills trainer’ or a ‘bakery trainer’? Do you have the cultural sensitivity to meet with the beneficiaries (normally from disadvantaged and underserved populations) and connect with them to really determine what they need? Can you navigate the classism and racism that often are standing in the way of honest communication? You can? Excellent!

Now you’ve put together a team you’re happy with, the project deliverables are fully determined, the particulars of the needs of the beneficiaries have been established based on their profiles, your interactions and the market research that you’ve done (or have had done), the Lytefires are built… it’s time to implement the project! 3 villages, cascading schedules of installs, tech trainings, entrepreneurship lessons, bakery practice. But all of a sudden installer A’s mother is sick and he’s not showing up, who can fill in? Can you? Or Installer B’s cousin? Will there be a delay that dominos through the rest of your schedule? Something happened in Village B and they need another week before their kitchen space is ready for baking, can you adapt? This is not some 9-5 job where your hours are clearly defined. This is an all-in, work the weekend if you need to, always reachable, Whatsapp calls at 10pm or 7am, do-what-it-takes kind of job." - Lorin Symington

Our team is extraordinarily passionate and dedicated and we will prioritize hiring people who share this spirit. Ideally, of course, you never have to work the weekend and can manage everything within regular business hours.

If you’re still reading this, you may consider yourself a candidate and we invite you to connect with us. Or you may know someone who you think qualifies and if that is the case we invite you to pass along this post.

No guarantees but there would be an ‘under market rate’ training period of a couple of months, and then the Solar Project Manager would be engaged on a contract by contract basis as an independent contractor.

Interested candidates are invited to submit a 2-3 minutes video self introduction through the hosting service of their choice (show us your content creation skills and personality) and their CV.

Send application to lorin.symington (at)

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